Ooty Road Trip – Extra Destinations for a Complete Experience

The nippy, crisp mountain air is already in your heart as you drive across the plateau while the verdant hills on the horizon draw closer and get bigger. The Ooty road trip is always a memorable occasion, whether it is with the family, a gang of friends, or a romantic getaway with the better half.

Add more to this scenic drive with some diverse detours that will give you a true sense of the beauty of South India’s wild lands. With the availability of high-quality and reliable cabs to Ooty, one can enjoy this journey into the Blue Mountains in the best possible way.

Bandipur National Park

While on your way to the Southern Queen of hill-stations, it is recommended you enjoy the sights of the tiger country at the Bandipur National Park. Tiger sightings may be rare but you get to immerse yourself in the core area of the largest continuous biosphere reserve in India.

Apart from the king of the jungle, other rare and fascinating species found in Bandipur include the Asiatic elephant, myriad antelopes and simians, the enigmatic Indian wild dog or dhole, the captivating leopard and the golden jackal.

People who enjoy panoramic vistas can head to a 600-year old temple – the HimavadGopalaswamy Temple, and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding range. Find Innova cabs in Bangalore for large groups to ensure a comfortable and spacious ride in this wild terrain.

Theppakadu Elephant Camp

The gentle pachyderms were once an important part of Indian culture and have been immortalized in folktales and mythology across the sub-continent. Unfortunately, the numbers of Asiatic elephants in India has dwindled and the animal struggles to find corridors and habitat due to many factors.

Make a heart-warming stop at the Theppakadu Elephant Camp to learn more about these charming and intelligent giants. Activities at the camp include elephant feeding sessions and rides around the pristine riverine habitat. All in all, it is a great way to connect with the legendary and well-trained beasts, many of them rescued animals.

The Top of the Nilgiris

Straddling the Southern ranges at more than 2,600 metres above sea level, the Doddabetta peak is a natural marvel that provides habitat to rare species and is a favourite destination for outdoors enthusiasts. A road trip to the town of Ooty should include a detour to this beautiful vantage point.

On the summit, there is an observatory with a telescope from where you can get magnificent views of the town from above. The nearby peaks of Kekuda, Kattadadu and Kulkudi are also visible from the Doddabetta peak. There are a few trails around the summit which is ideal for nature walks where you can enjoy the cool air and soak in the sub-alpine scenery.

The hills of South India are inviting throughout the year, from the misty monsoons to the fresh summers and autumns. Great connectivity makes the trip to Ooty a convenient and picturesque choice for a getaway. Start making those plans and choose your car rental in Bangalore for a soul-stirring and unforgettable experience.

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